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BUHO Sustainable Clothing Sustainability

Sustainable products are made from natural, reclaimed, or environmentally sustainable materials, or by an environmentally sustainable business. When you shop sustainably, you’ll be supporting companies who have made it their mission to take care of the earth.

At BUHO, sustainability is a way of life, and we’re committed to doing our part too. Since one garbage truck of clothes is burned or sent to landfills every second, we enclose a prepaid return label in every order so that you can send your unwanted clothes to us, not the trash heap. Thanks to our nonprofit partners, your former favorites will either end up with people who need them or be recycled, and we’ll give you a $10 credit on your next order of $50 or more.


BUHO Ethical Clothing Ethically Made

We love curating brands that pay living wages because we believe no one should have to suffer for fashion unless that means squeezing into your favorite skinny jeans or pair of heels.

However, in the mainstream fashion industry, garment workers make a pittance so companies can make a profit. For example, the Bangladeshi wage board suggested that workers, who make about $96 per month, need 3.5 times that amount to live a “decent life with basic facilities.”

To us, cheap, fast fashion is simply not worth the human cost. When you shop ethically made products, you know your dollars are creating profits for businesses that respect human life.


BUHO Locally Made Clothing Locally Made

To counter the dominant trend in the fashion industry of relying on cheap, overseas labor that pays people poorly to work in inhumane conditions and creates 3 to 4 percent of our emissions, BUHO features many products made in California.

Our LA-based designers and manufacturers rely on our hometown supply chain to make their visions reality, giving you viable alternatives that sustain our local economy. When you shop locally-made, you’re supporting businesses and brands that are uniquely California

BUHO Vintage Clothing Vintage

As a part of our circular model, BUHO collects and curates the most incredible vintage pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Since only one percent of clothing is recycled, most ends up in our landfills (Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation). We not only believe that wearing vintage makes your fashion exploits more environmentally friendly, but we also think it gives your style an edge that makes it distinctly you.

BUHO Vegan Clothing Vegan


Clothing and accessories made from animals often come with a high price tag. For that snakeskin bag or pair of shoes, our animal friends suffer in inhumane living conditions and are sometimes even tortured. But it doesn’t have to be that way: BUHO believes that our ethics should include all beings. Our vegan pieces are current, on trend, and will help you tread lightly, knowing your good taste is helping you take a stand against animal cruelty.

BUHO Handmade Clothing Handmade

You might not know it, but handmade products make up the fabric of the new American manufacturing economy. Since large-scale manufacturing is mostly overseas, cottage industries provide workers in the US with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, while keeping the long-standing tradition of artisan craftspeople alive.

Handmade production helps communities, too. Independent businesses funnel their profits back into the communities in which they live and work. Plus, working by hand takes less energy than large-scale manufacturing, so handmade items tend to be eco-friendly.

BUHO Fair Trade Products Fair Trade

At BUHO, we believe in the fair-trade model. Since 1998, Fair Trade Certified™ items have been helping to improve the lives of farmers and workers while protecting our land and waterways. Rigorous standards hold every fair-trade manufacturer accountable for their social and environmental impact. When you buy a fair-trade item, you’re empowering the most vulnerable among us by ensuring they make living wages and work in safe conditions, giving them the power to improve their communities, and helping them protect the environment.



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